Swazi Police Strikes a Deal with the Luke Commission!

Confirmed, the police are afraid  of dying in the hands of aggrieved nurses who have been raising  complaints with their employer and demanding answers on a number of things. It is a known fact that, among other issues, nurses have complained about treating the police in public hospitals because they were shooting them on the streets. So serious is the situation that some police officers had to escape public health facilities in fear.

The Bridge is in possession of a correspondence in which the National Police Commissioner is said to have struck a deal with the Luke Commission for purposes of police getting treatment at The Luke Commission facility.

"The National Commissioner has made it known to the rank and file and their families that  his office and the Luke Commission have struck a pact allowing all police officers to be attended and treated at the medical facility. This has been necessitated by the political stance taken by the so called nurses who lazy around in public hospitals. By this message, commanding officers are to pass this message to their officers. Thank you," reads a message directed to commanding officers within the police force.

Our sources have revealed that many police officers are complaining about this. A senior police officer stationed at the Head Quarters said this was a directive they got on Tuesday afternoon.  "To be honest, I am angry because this means the government is not serious about finding a lasting solution to the deep-seated problems engulfing our country. All they want are short cuts; this is sheer madness," he said.