An African key peace lobby is rooting for deeper trade ties between the continent and major global economies in a fresh move to boost economic growth of the continent.

The African Peace and Security Union (APSU) has signed a trade agreements with the International Agricultural Congress (ASIAEXPO), the largest event in the agricultural sphere. Chairperson of the African Peace and Security Union Roll Stephane Ngomat signed the agreement with the Director General of ASIAEXPO LLC Igor Milovanov Yurievich.

The protocol of agreement on mutual cooperation was signed on the sidelines of the International Agricultural Congress, in Sochi, Russia, on the 26th October 2023. "We have signed an agreement with ASIAEXPO LLC on how to work together towards achieving the potentiality of our continent in regards to various economic fronts," said Ngomat.

The agreement was established on the basis of cooperation in a wide range of areas including trade, agriculture, food security, training, skills transfer, sharing of science, technology and innovation.

According to the agreement, the African Peace and Security Union (APSU) will fully support the activities of ASIAEXPO in Africa in all development activities by facilitating and promoting the activities of ASIAEXPO in all projects linked to Agenda 2063, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and free trade implementation.