Efforts to bring lasting solutions to countries facing unrest in Africa have got a boost following the creation of the three initiatives seeking to bolster peace in the continent.

The establishment of the African Diplomacy Council and the African Youth Summit on Peace and Security by the African Peace and Security union (APSU) is expected to help mitigate conflicts witnessed in a section of African nations.

According to Chairperson of African Peace and Security Union (APSU) Roll Stephane Ngomat, the participation of civil societies in the peace building initiatives not only enhanced their visibility and participation in the area of peace and security but also improved their awareness and appreciation of the role they play.

"The private sector and CSOs play a pivotal role in peace-building, peace-keeping, early warning, security sector reform and post conflict reconstruction and development (PCRD). This is the reason why their inclusion in our efforts to spearhead peace in the continent is very welcome," said Ngomat.

The African Peace and Security Union (APSU) Ambassador Dr Samantha Simeon added that the meeting that led to the creation of the initiatives strengthened Governments and private sector partnership in promoting peace, security and stability in Africa.

"I strongly believe that the coming together between Governments and the private sector to partner in forging ways of creating peace and sustainability will be of significant importance to the continent," said Dr Samantha. Director of Africa Youth Development and Excellence Center Fuad Gena emphasized on the importance of these initiatives.

"By bringing private sector and civil society voices to the front, the objective is to create a permanent dialogue space between, private sector, CSOs, Governmental institutions, specialized agencies, regional mechanisms, international organizations for sharing experiences, achievements, challenges and perspectives on the implementation of peace and security agenda and matters of strategic importance to the continent, " he explained.

Dr Nabith Kapur, WFD representative to the United Nations argues that, the African Diplomacy Council, which will bring together African experts in the field of peace and security; young diplomats, various international organisations will promote African solutions to African problems in Peace and Diplomacy in the continent.

The private sector and civil society organisation international conference in which the ideas to create the initiatives was formally birthed was held in Addis Ababa-Ethiopia State of peace in Africa is a solidarity event aimed at rallying all the stakeholders in order to participate in humanitarian action in the service of Peace. The conference aimed to convey a message of peace, sympathy and solidarity between all segments of the African population and create conducive conditions for Africa's development.

The African Peace and Security Union (APSU) hosted a side event on Private Sector and Civil Society International Conference on the State of Peace in Africa on the Sideline of the 36th African Heads of States and Government Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on February 16th-17th, 2023. NB: Barack Oduor is The Bridge African correspondent based in Nairobi