May I humbly request to write this letter to the Auditor General via your publication as I believe that as a citizen of eSwatini, one has to thank the Auditor General for his impartial and fearless audits and investigations.

Mr. Auditor General and your team, siyabonga for all the hard and fearless work you have done. One cannot imagine how difficult it must be especially for you to conduct your Constitutional mandate amidst dangerous individuals who may possibly do anything to you because they want to continue embezzling immense wealth at the expense of the taxpayers.

Mr. Auditor General, we as Swazis far and wide know how difficult this task is for you and your team considering that some of your colleagues have fallen into corrupt practices and are in collusion with the criminal syndicate you seek to enforce justice against.

It is important for one to highlight that, your office seems so have a high ethical compass even in the midst of you not being paid as highly as your office should be and therefore could very well be tempted by the envelopes they seek to give you.

Mr. AG, the rot you have uncovered at the Ministry of Health will not go unnoticed. Thousands of citizens of this beautiful Kingdom have perished at the hands of these criminal syndicates, and the work you are doing is going to save thousands of others lives.

Mr. AG I know for a fact that during your investigations into the criminal syndicate behind the Ministry of Health, you may have also uncovered that a certain gentleman is also behind the mastermind looting of other parastatals in Eswatini, especially the one located in Matsapha. The criminal behind this mess has built and bought houses for people including Principal Secretaries and continues to finance certain individuals' exorbitant lifestyle which are way beyond the means of a salary of a CEO in a category A parastatal.

One can only pray and hope that the rest of the Government will play ball with you, and in essence declare this criminal persona non grata in accordance with Article 9 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

I speak for all Swazis with an ethical compass Mr. AG, when I say that I appreciate all you and your team have done to uncover what you already have and I urge you to continue doing so because corruption is killing the little that we have left.

Corruption kills investor confidence, international partners will not want to engage with us, and essentially corruption is killing our economy which is already in shambles. I hope and pray that God continues to protect you and give you the wisdom to execute your tasks.


Your Colleague within the Civil Service Commission