I finished the Tucker/Putin interview and I must admit, I never grow tired of hearing Putin speak.

 It is refreshing to see a leader who obviously makes his own decisions able to speak and explain them. In the west you hardly see a president or any leader for that matter give an interview for over two hours and still do most of the speaking.

In summary, Putin revealed he has a very encyclopedia like knowledge of Eastern European history while explaining that technically Ukraine isn't even a sovereign country but more allowed to exist independently by Russia and Poland.

This explains of course why Ukrainians and Russians share not only a language but much more. It was a long winded history lesson but important for western audiences to see so that they understand that Russia is not invading Ukraine but instead keeping NATO from expanding on its borders and rooting out Nazism that was being cultivated and nurtured by the west so that the west could turn it against Russia via proxy wars.

Putin also explained why the Nazism that makes up a large part of Ukrainian culture is a threat to Russia and not simply a belief system Russia wishes to control. Common sense dictates that over 30 million Russians died fighting to defeat the Nazis, so of course allowing Nazi culture and society to spring up literally next door is dangerous and sensitive for Russians.

Pair that with the fact that the US and west are all too happy to take the Nazis in Ukraine and point that rage and anger at Russia and you have yet another reason for the SMO. Ultimately Putin echoed what most of us already know, that Ukraine had been fine and peaceful on its own for many years up until the 2014 coup instigated by the CIA and collective west to install Ukrainian leadership who would better play ball with western interests.

Unfortunately that new leadership would be the neo-nazi regime we know today that Russia fights against. From 2014, 2016 and on the new Ukrainian leadership would begin to punish and purge Russians living in Ukraine by violent and deadly means.

This was also explained in depth by Putin to Tucker along with the many promises the west and its various leaders made to Putin and Russia that they would NOT expand NATO further onto Russia. However the once peaceful Ukraine had now begun preparing to receive NATO bases and was already receiving training. What was taking place was the west was building an army, a proxy NATO army.

Between training, arming and cultivating the Nazi ideology they would have all they needed to launch their attack at Russia A last ditch effort for peace was made with the infamous peace deal that both sides had agreed upon. Boris Johnson however, came to Kiev and convinced Zelensky to tear up the agreement and stand against Russia.

Thus between the cries for help by Russians being murdered by the UAF and the reality of NATO but a stones throw from Russian borders Russia knew action was needed and the SMO began and continues. Putin also talked in depth about economy, about BRICS and the Orthodox Christian beliefs.

Tucker tried to talk to Putin about the imprisoned American reporter as well and Putin agreed to wanting to find a solution for this. It was a much needed interview that would at long last allow westerners and Americans to hear Putin in his own words without being censored and filtered by the owned and controlled western mainstream media.

Going forward, Putin understands that war, in particular, nuclear war, would have detrimental consequences, but it isn’t something he would look to do. He is open to negotiations as he feels it’s the best way forward for humanity and believes working together is a better approach, however, the West have been slowing/preventing this outcome from happening.

All in all, I'd highly recommend people watch it. Over 50 Million have already watched it less than a day of its release and making it the most watched interview in recent time.

You can watch the interview here: