In a powerful display of international solidarity, activists from eSwatini embarked on a mission to Norway, not only to shed light on the struggle for democracy in their homeland but also on the urgency of finding peace in the Middle East.

 The solidarity and lobby tour, organized by The Norwegian Council For Afrika in collaboration with the Swaziland Justice Forum, Eswatini Solidarity Fund and the Swazi Lives Matter Global Solidarity Movement, brought together leaders from diverse backgrounds, ranging from diplomats, students, and workers to young Norwegian activists.

The Swazi activists also addressed a panel discussion titled “The struggle for democracy: has the world forgotten about eSwatini?” During their visit, the activists, represented by Mandla Dlamini and Qhawekazi Khumalo (and were joined by Oslo based Swazi activist Thembelihle Dlamini) held meetings with various organisations. They were on Sunday invited to join a march for Palestine at the Norwegian Parliament in Oslo.

Despite their visit being to highlight the plight of eSwatini, the trio didn't hesitate to lend their voices to the global call for peace and justice in the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel. The activists had to endure frigid temperatures and wet weather during the march.

The decision to participate in the Free Palestine March underscores the interconnectedness of struggles for justice around the world. While their primary objective was to raise awareness about the political repression in eSwatini, the activists recognized the importance of standing in solidarity with other oppressed communities.

The march highlighted the shared struggles of people living under authoritarian regimes and those facing occupation and displacement. By joining forces with the Free Palestine movement, the Swazi activists exemplified the spirit of solidarity that transcends geographical boundaries. Their actions send a powerful message to the international community that in the face of oppression and injustice, unity and collective action are paramount.

"As the world grapples with numerous social, political, and environmental challenges, it is imperative for individuals and movements to come together in solidarity. Whether it's advocating for democracy in eSwatini, demanding an end to the occupation in Palestine or fighting against systemic inequalities elsewhere, solidarity remains the bedrock of transformative change," said Dlamini when contacted for comments.

Added Dlamini: "When we formed the eSwatini Solidarity Fund we adopted Che Guevara words as a slogan and inscribed it at the back of our T-shirts. Of course, the organisation proved many wrong when it took care of survivors of the June 2021 massacre with barely nothing except a willing heart and a supportive world community. In essence, the solidarity fund was teaching us that solidarity knows no boundaries.

"This explains why over three years since we formed the Solidarity Fund we met again this time in the streets of Oslo, Norway, to give meaning to our adopted motto that indeed 'feel deep within against any injustice anywhere in the world'". The activists joined many chanting: "From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free Cease Fire Now!! Israel End the Occupation!! Boycott Israel!"