Today our Form 5 students started a retake of seven Form 5 examination papers that were leaked by some teachers who were working with criminal agents in the selling of the copies to certain students.

It is now history that all students were recalled and made to rewrite the examination because of thugs who call themselves professionals. The implications are far-reaching--whichever way you look at it--from the financial burden to the parents and the government to the psychological torture and unfairness to students never mind the trustworthiness the nation can place on the exams council to administer exams.

The Examination Council of eSwatini has been running helter-skelter trying to save face after the unfortunate and embarrassing situation and to be fair must be commended for their bold decision to get the examination to be re-taken; it may look easy but it's not.

But they must appreciate that they have inconvenienced a lot of people from the pupils to the teachers and just about every stakeholder. 

You have to wonder about the children who had left to outside the country believing they were done with the exams never mind those who had given away their books or reading materials. It must be a nightmare for everyone

However, they need to take lessons from this and ensure that proper systems are put in place to prevent such from happening in the future. We must never forget that such embarrassing leaks are not new except in the past it was not so public and not done so brazen.

This calls into question the academic integrity of the exams themselves. Coming to the culprits, they must all be fired from the teaching profession and locked up in jail to serve longer sentences.

They have done the unforgivable by acting in a dishonest, unfair, disrespectful and irresponsible way in their professional line of duty, thereby undermining academic integrity.

Fire these thugs immediately then arrest them. To the students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders they all deserve an apology.