This image of former Minister of Justice and wife to businessman Michello Shakantu, Princess Pholile Dlamini Shakantu, is the most shameful thing to have come from the recently appointed Members of Parliament and Senators.

We know the government of eSwatini support the genocidal government of Israel. Still, in recent time, they have been subtle about their support for Israel perhaps realising the world's condemnation against the Benjamin Netanyahu led government.

But Pholile couldn't hide her lack of empathy for the displaced and killed children and women of Palestine. She decided to wear ligcebesha bearing the Israel flag to pin her colours on the mast and rub to our faces that she stands with the aggressor in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Former Minister Princess Pholile Dlamini Shakantu

Nothing could be so heartless and shameful. Nothing could be so disgraceful. We know the government of eSwatini and Israel share an umbilical cord linked to their own distaste for human life. Still, we all thought this time around even the most fervent of Israel supporters would be subtle about it.

But not Pholile. We say, you are a shame former Minister.

You do not represent the people of eSwatini who know far too well what the women, children and men of Palestine are experiencing under the government you celebrate in not-so-subtle ways. May the nightmares of those children and women dying under ethnic cleaning haunt you for the rest of your life. Shame on you!!

NB: An earlier version of this article claimed Pholile was sister to His Majesty King Mswati III. This was incorrect and it has since been corrected.