A few years ago, former South African President Jacob Zuma was under siege.

 It was not long ago. It is still recent in people's memories. Allegations of improperly benefitting from state coffers at his Nkandla compound hovered over his head like a plague. The Public Protector had been stinging in her condemnation of the so called security upgrades.

The opposition milked this Nkandla fiasco for all its juices as parliament became a site for political theatrics. Allegations of state capture and Zuma being a Gupta stooge became a rallying point for the newly established EFF.

They used every chance to denigrate Zuma and position themselves favorably in the public eye. As a strategy, it worked!! Within his party, Zuma faced opposition from a myriad of forces.

One group was led by current Minister of Justice Ronald Lamola and the Middle class cum business group was represented by Sipho Pityana and others. The once vibrant ANC Youth League had been destroyed and young people were not finding political expression within the party.

This led to ANC hemorrhaging votes like nobody's business in subsequent election. This instability and public perception against the ANC as corrupt, captured by Guptas and other foreign interests led to bad public relations for the party.

The madness at SABC under Hlaudi only helped to underscore what was happening at the state in general under Zuma. Many people wondered where were voices of reason within the ANC as the party of Nelson Mandela, OR Tambo, and Chris Hani became a laughing stock.

For the first time, the country had protests uniting every race and class against Jacob Zuma. The center was not holding. In the midst of everything, South African pop artist Simphiwe Dana composed a classical hit song that captured the mood of the people against both Zuma and the ANC.

One of the ex security officials Bheka Magagula who has exposed a lot of things that happened in the underground forces.

Dana titled her song "Umkhonto" and in it she decried what exactly happens when a freedom fighter ("Umkhonto" is a spear used by African Warriors in war and also it references freedom fighters under the ANC's armed wing— "Umkhonto Wesizwe") is bewitched and turns the spear against the nation?

The lyrics deserve to be quoted verbatim:

"....Ubukhali lo mkhonto? – (Is this spear sharp?)

Ubuthuntu lo mkhonto?

(Is this spear blunt?)

Bamloya waphendukel’ isizwe (they bewitched him, he turned on the nation)

Wasifulathela was’shova ngengolova (turned his back on us, shoved us with guns)

Wasishova ngengolova ( shoved us with guns)

Wasifulathela wasishova ngengolova (turned his back on us, shoved us with guns)

Bamloy’ unyana wesizwe (they bewitched the son of the nation)

Manz’ angenendlini (trouble has come to our home)..."

Sadly, the lyrics to Dana's song have a lot in common with what we hearing and learning in the eSwatini progressive camp. To say these revelations are shocking and concerning would be an understatement.

Even more concerning is that this comes from people who promised this abused nation freedom and eternal happiness in a world of "milk and honey" as George Orwell said in Animal farm.

"Yes tinkhundla is bad but this seems like moving from pot to fire," is now a common opinion from observers who had so much hope for an alternative future for their children.

It is too early to tell what is happening because the worm is only just getting out. However, what is without a doubt is that 'babaloyile'...Babaloya baphendukela isizwe. Bas'fulathela baskhomba ngenjolova. Amanzi angile endlini...

So much madness we learning that you cannot tell head from tail as all sides seem intent to destroy the little dignity and credibility the struggle for change once had.

To the angry, despondent and disappointed person, never lose hope on the agenda for change and freedom. The course of freedom is still just and correct.

Do not throw the baby with the bath water. Keep the baby and throw away only the dirty and poisoned bath water.