One of the most sickening practices we often witness in the country is bootlicking.

Some of those in influential positions in the country gained such positions through the practice of bootlicking.

If you aspire to make it big in life in this country, try your hand at bootlicking and you are halfway to "kubulawa" or being rewarded with favourable employment.

The shortage of employment in the country is dire. More often than not, employment is a reward for those connected to influential persons and those who sing praises to the system of government.

This has led to the unethical practice of nepotism and cronyism. Nepotism is described as granting advantages or special privileges to relatives or acquaintances. These advantages may come in the form of employment, financial assistance, or any other kind of prospect.

Nepotism is generally viewed unfavourably because it can result in dishonesty, corruption and partiality. This unfortunately is very prevalent in the country. Consider, for instance, the composition of the country's legislative branch of the three arms of government, the Senate.

It doesn't need one to be a rocket scientist to discern that a majority of those who are in the Senate are highly connected politicians. Some of them are retired politicians and civil servants who, while still employed, did not or rarely contribute positively or effectively to the development of the country.

But because they have been subservient to the system they are rewarded into those lucrative positions.

There are different types of nepotism. The first type is straightforward and occurs when someone hires a family member or friend without considering other applicants.

The second type is more subtle and happens when someone shows favoritism towards a family member or friend, even if other candidates are better qualified.

We have witnessed nepotism taking place in the administration of the country. This has brought so much resentment to the ordinary people who have lost trust and confidence in the system of government. The general feeling is that the system largely rewards those who sing praises.

Consider the employment recruitment in the security forces. Hundreds apply for vacancies that are advertised by the three security forces. Sadly, a small number makes it.

The general feeling among the populace is that when recruitment starts, a certain number of the advertised vacancies is more often than not, already reserved for the connected, especially "tibutseki" or those "initiated" into the cultural practices of the country.

Whether this has any semblance of proof is subject to speculation. Furthermore, bootlicking fosters an environment of insincerity and manipulation, creating a power dynamic based on false pretences rather than genuine merit or mutual respect.

It perpetuates inequality by reinforcing hierarchies and favoritism, hindering progress and diversity of thought within organizations. There are politicians among us who lack sincerity and have betrayed the trust of their constituents.

They have failed to hold the government accountable. They shamelessly praise the system even when it violates the constitutional rights of the people who elected them.

It was perplexing to hear some of the current members of the 12th Parliament singing praises to the system and its leaders. Can one blame them?

Can they bite the hand that feeds them? This is the million dollar question. Can we expect them to hold the executive accountable under such conditions? Time will tell.

The system of government is very discriminative. Our youth, after completing school enroll in tertiary institutions with the hope that when they graduate, the job market will absorb them. This is not often the case.

One has to be connected in order to stand a better chance of being employed. Sadly, the issue of bootlicking creeps in under these circumstances. It becomes no longer a case of seeking and gaining employment by merit.

This has negative effects on those aspiring to be employed and possess adequate credentials or qualifications. What are the long-term effects of the culture of bootlicking, especially in this country?

Having a subservient attitude can have negative consequences for both individuals and society as a whole. By acting in a subservient manner, we relinquish our power and ability to think independently. This can result in a loss of self-esteem and make us more susceptible to being manipulated or mistreated.

Those who enabled us to gain employment often have power over us. Some benefactors demand bribes or a share of the remuneration of those they catapulted into positions as a handshake for paving the way for their employment. That is corruption - a scourge that continues to destroy the country.

Some of those who gained employment through bootlicking are often unproductive in the workplace. They are the bosses' lackeys who often do know value their moral obligation of earning their badge.

We should always stand up for ourselves and our rights and never allow anyone to diminish our power.