Chairperson of the Multi Stakeholder Forum (MSF), an ambarella body of political parties, civil society and trade unions, has broken his silence following widespread allegations that he is part of the struggle elite “high table” who are misappropriating donor funds

These allegations were made by several of the not-so-underground solidarity forces in several videos circulating on social media, Facebook in particular. The solidarity forces are a group of former police officers and warders who defected from their position in the security cluster to join the pro-democracy movement at the height of the June 2021 uprising in the country.

They are responsible for a number of killings and arson attacks against the government and her allied supporters. Following months of speculation on who was responsible for several arson attacks and killings in the country the solidarity forces came out to claim full responsibility under the leadership of ex police officer Thabo Kunene and allegedly PUDEMO President Mlungisi Makhanya.

Recently the Bheka Magagula, one of the solidarity forces member, has revealed detailed information about the involvement of Makhanya in the Solidarity Forces operations and accused him, Bheki Mabuza (brother to arrested former MP Bacede Mabuza), and lawyer Sicelo Mngomezulu of being part of the “high table” that patronisingly dishes orders that benefit them and not related to struggle.

Some of the allegations will not be repeated here because of their defamatory nature.

Mngomezulu has come out to say that his influence and power in the Mass Democratic Movement (MDM) is exaggerated as he is not as influential as many people think. He told The Bridge in a wide-ranging podcast interview that up until he assumed the position of Chairperson of the Multi-Stakeholder Forum in August this year he had no position, no constituency and no power to influence decisions as claimed by the solidarity forces.

He claimed though that some of the elements seen on social media were part of the state’s counter-revolution effort. He referenced Moses in Egypt who faced mutiny at the first hurdle when many of his followers claimed it was better to stay under slavery in Egypt than go to the promised land.

When asked if he was not being overly dismissive to genuine concerns of frustrated young people with no platform to vent out Mngomezulu was quick to acknowledge that as a leader the onus was on them to listen and give an ear to all concerns irrespective of their truth or otherwise. He said he was prepared to listen to the concerns of the solidarity forces as a leader but will only do so when approached and will act only on information he knows not what he does not know.

He then promised to try and build back unity in the MDM by reaching out to organisations like the Swaziland Liberation Movement (SWALIMO) and Swaziland Democratic Party (SWADEPA) so that they rejoin the MSF for maximum unity. He said some of the differences were normal as some organisations wanted incremental change through reform and others wanted complete revolution.

Mngomezulu’s podcast will shown soon and he discussed everything from his childhood, his education, his businesses, and how he found himself in the democratic camp.