Reading the king's energy on the throne

Anyone with even the most rudimentary skills of reading energy could not miss that King Mswati III was shaken to the core in his recent speech at Sibaya. 

From the beginning of his speech, the King's voice was shaking and kept an unsteady tone right through. His unconvincing show of bravado, outright (cum veiled) threats and constant referral to rumours was an easy giveaway that he is seeing himself at a precipice of hell. Clearly the man is now scared by life out of the security provided by the crown or even the ever-deceptive certainty provided by a gold-plated throne.

For the first time, the king had to face an uprising from the same people he deluded himself loved him. Unlike the known political formations and unions he has managed to keep under control through infiltration, repressive legislation and the sheer brutality of the security forces, this new rebellious constituency could not be controlled. 

What we learn from the recent uprising is that it was organic and originating from the self same “peace loving” Swazis the king had convinced himself will never question his rule.

Already by 9am on Friday the 16th ( which might as well had been a Friday the 13th) an intimidating picture was starting to show that multitudes of people were descending to the 'mother of all marches’ in Manzini. It became clear people boycotted Sibaya but heeded the call of marching against his despotic rule, a clear show of rejection of the monarchy after he had unleashed his security forces and killed over 60 of unarmed Swati people.

Earlier in the day there were already pictures and videos circulating of truck after truck that were supposed to ferry the king’s subjects to esibayeni, which were returning without the intended baggage. When later, the palace media tried to hide the pitiful numbers at the kraal, it was already too late because the people had secured their victory just before the security forces pounced, and had showed that a march called by the people could be better attended than the Sibaya gathering.


Having made it clear in his speech that he is a voracious consumer of rumor one can only imagine that before he made the speech he would have been aware of what was transpiring around the country. At the rate he referred to social media gossip in his speech one would be forgiven for thinking he suffers from scrollosis.

To better appreciate his energetic signature while he sat on his golden plated chair, you would have to appreciate the sheer loneliness the man feels. On any given day he has the energetic signature of an orphan. Ironically, he is constantly referred to as the orphan by his mother.

The king's loneliness is partly caused by his growing mistrust of his children whom he sees as contenders to the throne or through their faction affiliation in the ever-slippery royal loyalties.

king Mswati 111 with emazinyane at the sibaya. Photo Credit: Swazi Observer

His brothers might as well be enemies because there hasn’t been much love lost in that cohort ever since the demise of Sobhuza 11. The less said about the collective thoughts of the 10 or more wives the better because it can’t be claimed that they are not repeatedly scorned owing to being culturally squashed to the bottom of the power food chain and left with nothing but high-end makeup to maintain the bare necessities of self-worth.

We havent forgotten that a member of this very harem was accused of poisoning the king in the not so distant past so submissiveness has become the only asset for the king. No one wants to die like Senteni Masango. 

To make matters worse, in times of loneliness, maturity can become a comforting companion but judging from his articulations over the years, this bare necessity to survive the perils of adulthood has also further orphaned the beloved leader.

So before even reading his energy, the odds are already stacked sky-high against him. As he sat on that golden chair, his energies were caught between arrogance and the need to make sense. He aced the former and completely blundered on the latter.

Over the years he has employed energy of so much posturing that I doubt he would really know his true personality. It is hard to be a lion for so long when you are not a lion. Being one of the orphaned energies, he has had to rely on arrogance and anger to see him through the miserable loneliness of a highly contested throne, in which your friend can be the next usurper. 

When making the speech, he had the energy of one that is suffering from anger fatigue which offsets through prolonged rage and worry. Others with a less burden on their shoulders would “cure” this through sinking into depression, but this is not a choice in a space in which even a nap threatens the crown. It is not like his catching COVID did not reawaken him to the reality that even sickness does not promote compassion where the crown is the price.

The shaking of the voice was a complete giveaway but what missed the naked eye is the energetic chatter which later had him reveal that the E500 million he spoke of being set aside for rebuilding would be sourced from the National provident fund, a fund which he has allegedly dipped his fingers one time too often.

He then spoke about the “educated” that “behave like weed smokers” and in another point kneels at the altar of the very educated this time claiming they rely on scientists to give them feedback on the COVID pandemic. The energy of deception normally has these characteristics of contradiction.


To align so much misaligned energy would be nothing short of a miracle. First his root center at the base of his spine is a mess. Emotionally, he will be a psychologist’s nightmare. His self-worth is not rooted within but has to be validated from without. This on its own renders his second energy center, which is the sacral, a web of entanglement.

Price Masitsela, a member of the royal family.  

It is actually pointless to analyze his energetic alignment because it is like trying to analyze the energy of a person that doesn’t exist. His only existence is being “the sun”, “the mouth that doesn’t lie”, “the roaring lion”, “the one who eats the calves of buffalos” etc. All these are based on fantasy. The more you are in fantasy, the more you are out of connection with the soul.

Energetically, and even physically, the beloved leader is a very sick person. Just observing his energy for a short while consumes a lot of energy. I wouldn’t be surprised if spending time with him can cause illness to one that is sensitive to energy.

One can only wonder how much short-circuiting has been visited on his Central Nervous System through black magic engineering. During his speech at Sibaya I could only listen to the audio because the visuals are overbearing with invasive energy.

Not only is he not fit to lead anything, but functioning within those fantasies and misaligned energies would require years of rigorous energy realignment or death. Aligning his energy would carry the same challenges as healing someone who has undergone intense mind programming.

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